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  • The only full contact wheelchair sport in the world
  • An invasion and evasion sport...
  • Actively played in 26 countries with more in development
  • Wrecking wheelchairs around the world since 1977
  • Combines the ethos of Rugby with elements of basketball and handball
  • Don't just sit there - get in the game
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Latest News

Following an eight-year study into autonomic dysreflexia by the IPC Medical Committee, which considered recent research literature and the data collected from nearly 160 athletes, the blood pressure threshold used to determine a dysreflexic state has been revised from 180mmHg to 160mmHg.
Aaron is determined to reach the top of the 20,000 ft Mount Kilimanjaro in an all-terrain wheelchair known as a Mountain Trike.His five-day trek to the summit aims to raise vital cash for Meningitis Research Foundation and the Shaw Trust, which helps disabled people find work.

Upcoming events

2016 Invictus Games
8th May - 12th May 2016
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
Walt Disney Resort, Orlando, Florida
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Website : Click to view
2016 Real Deal Low Point Tournament
20th May - 22nd May 2016
Karlsruhe, Germany
Event Contact :
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1. Canada
2. United States of America
3. Japan
4. Australia
5. Great Britain