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7 June 2012

London 2012 Paralympic Game Tickets

To: IWRF members participating in the London 2012 Paralympic Games


As you are all aware, tickets have sold very well for the wheelchair rugby competition in London. All the session-specific wheelchair rugby tickets offered for sale to the public by LOCOG have been sold. I am writing to advise of some of the remaining options for your fans, friends, and families who may still be looking for tickets.



Please note that this is being provided for information purposes only. IWRF does not have tickets available for sale and IWRF cannot acquire tickets for anyone. Tickets - if available - must be purchased through LOCOG, an authorised reseller, or your National Paralympic Committee.


"Follow My Team" tickets - This is a standard package that NPCs had available to them. This guarantees tickets to any session that a team features in. This also applies to the finals or other position that teams finish in. FMT tickets were requested by NPCs - you will need to check with your NPC to see if more of these are available to you.


Semifinal and Finals tickets - Following pool play, teams in the semis and finals will be allocated additional tickets for these sessions:


Semifinals - 10 tickets per team

5-6 and 7-8 Finals - 20 tickets per team

Bronze and Gold medal games - 30 tickets per team


These will be provided to your NPC and they are responsible to distribute them.


Friends and Family tickets - LOCOG provides two tickets per athlete for each session the athlete participates in. These are provided through your NPC.


Olympic Park tickets - There may still be Olympic Park tickets available. These provide access to several venues on the Olympic Park - including the Basketball Arena, venue for wheelchair rugby - on a first-come first-served basis. A portion of the seats in the BBA in each session will be held open for Olympic Park ticket holders. For information on how to purchase tickets, start at the London 2012 web site: www.london2012.com/paralympics/spectators/tickets


*Ticket purchase procedures vary depending on your country and who the authorized ticket reseller is for your area.


I hope this information is of some help, and I look forward to seeing you and your teams in London.


Eron Main

Secretary General, IWRF