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1 January 2018

New IWRF World Ranking Regulations go into effect


Please find attached the new IWRF World Ranking Regulations.

These Regulations have been developed by the IWRF Competitions Committee, in response to direction received from the IWRF General Assembly. The Regulations bring into force a new World Ranking system, based on points earned for results at IWRF sanctioned events. The new system tracks the performance of countries over a continuous four-year period. Each countries rank will reflect their overall performance over that time, not just the results of their most recent competition.


I would like to thank the Competitions Committee for their work in developing these new Regulations, and in particular Asia-Oceania Competitions Representative Tim Johnson for his efforts in the past year to bring these to completion.


These Regulations take effect immediately and will be used for all future ranking updates. An initial World Ranking List has been created, applying the new system to the results of the past four years of IWRF competition. This new List will be used for seeding and other purposes starting now; however, any event qualifications or other decisions made prior to January 1 and based on the old List and system will continue to be in force.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please direct them to Kathy Newman, Chair of the IWRF Competitions Committee, at


Download the new Regulations: IWRF World Ranking Regulations-20180101.pdf

Download new World Ranking List: IWRF World Ranking List 20180107.pdf


Best regards,


Eron Main
Chief Executive Officer
International Wheelchair Rugby Federation