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2 December 2017

German wheelchair rugby plans for future

By Anke Opiela


After 25 years, the German board of wheelchair rugby redefined its goals for the future. After board elections were held in May 2017, current board members were approved and new members welcomed.


The new board invited all clubs to a 2-day retreat to redefine the future of wheelchair rugby in Germany. Guidelines were defined to measure all decisions for the future.


From mass sports to competitive sports
The German league system consists of three levels. From the base league for mass sports, over the 2nd Bundesliga, to the 1st Bundesliga for competitive sports. Our main goal is that each player should find themself in one of the 3 levels. We want to create this offer of games.

Other goals are the introduction of new players to the international game play. Since one year we are playing in the 1st Bundesliga with 8 points and IWRF classification. Furthermore, foreign players strengthen the German clubs. A major goal will be the reintroduction of an international league backed by the German Federation of Wheelchair Sports. We will have a League in planning that will support not only Germany, but also Europe.

Especially for the mass sport, we want to go on with our 3 regional zones in the basic league. With modified rules like playing with 7 points and a national classification, we will let as many players as possible participate in the game.


For the part of classification we want to continue to go in two ways. In mass sports, promote the classification of players for players, but also to train IWRF classifiers. The training for both areas will focus on 2018 and corresponding courses will be offered.



Also in refereeing we plan to develop more referees in 2018. After a successful course in 2017, an equally successful course for beginners should take place in 2018. Furthermore, we will try to train experienced referees as evaluators in a special course.


Wheelchair Rugby started in Germany 25 years ago. We have achieved a lot, but there is still much to do and we have plans and ideas how to implement them. For more information, email Anke Opiela at