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7 December 2017

IWRF World Ranking System update

By Kathy Newman, IWRF Competitions Committee Chair


The IWRF Competitions Committee (CC) has extensively discussed the proposed new world ranking (WR) system. The implementation of a new system was agreed on at the IWRF 2016 General Assembly, and the new system will become live from 1 January, 2018.


Member nations have been provided with detailed information on how the new system works. Member nations were asked to provide feedback to their CC Zone representatives by 24 November 2017. The following summarizes those comments and the feedback that was received, and the CC response to these.


Points awarded for each sanctioned event

Several comments were received requesting more background into how ranking points are awarded following each sanctioned event. The attached document provides all combinations of ranking points awarded for any specific sanctioned event. This also provides information of all possible weightings that will be applied depending on the size of the sanctioned event and the mix of nations attending.


Zone Weightings

One member nation has requested that all Zone Championship events be weighted evenly. This was discussed at length by the CC prior to publishing the proposed system. The CC agreed that weightings should in part be based on the level of competition at any sanctioned event, and also be of appropriate value to encourage more teams to compete within their zones. It was agreed that larger tournaments should be weighted higher than those comprising fewer teams. The CC has considered this specific request and agreed the proposed weightings of each event remain as already published. The CC will review all of the proposed weightings and placing points at minimum following every World Championship and Paralympic games, and update these if required.


Number of events used in calculation of points

There was comment that using the results from a period of 4 years was appropriate. There was also comments that as the overall rankings points will comprise the sum of many events over this 4 year period, the higher resourced nations will have a significant advantage over those nations that have lower funding levels. This was also considered by the CC prior to publishing the proposed system and the CC agreed that this may be a perceived impact, however there is currently minimal evidence to support this. Member nations already struggle to compete as often as they would like and they already utilize all of their available funding. This will however be reviewed regularly and if there is an observed advantage for the higher resourced nations, the CC will consider options to mitigate any impact to those nations with less resources.


Tournament host receive additional points for hosting event

This was considered recently by the CC. It had not been considered prior to publishing the proposed system however the CC believe that there are already significant benefits to hosting events and therefore no additional ranking points will be attributed to any nation solely for hosing a sanctioned event.


The CC appreciate all of the feedback that was received and we encourage all members to continue to provide feedback so that we can ensure the World Ranking system is fair to all members, no matter your size, available resources and geographical location.


We wish all members a safe and successful end to 2017, and an even safer and more successful 2018.



IWRF Competitions Committee


Download: 2017 WRS Points and weights - Dec 2017 FINAL.pdf