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5 November 2017

Netherlands win IWRF 2017 European Div. C Championship

The IWRF 2017 European Division C Championship came to a successful close on Saturday. After more than a four year absence from sanctioned competition, the Netherlands are back and have won gold at the European Division C Championship in Grosswallstadt, Germany.


The Dutch faced a strong Russia team in an exciting final that resulted in a 51-48 victory. While Russia had hoped to do better, both teams were pleased with their overall performances as they have now qualified for next years IWRF European Division B Championship.


The bronze medal match saw the Czech Republic beat Israel, 48-38.


Final Placing Order

First Place - Nederlands

Second Place - Russia

Third Place - Czech Republic
Fourth Place - Israel


IWRF 2017 European Division C All Tournament Team

Best 0.5 - Valerii Krivov (RUS)
Best 1.0 - Reda Haouam (NED)
Best 1.5 - Pieter den Admirant (NED)
Best 2.0 - Jaroslav Filsak (CZE)
Best 2.5 - Emilio Moes (NED)
Best 3.0 - Resul Karabulut (NED)
Best 3.5 - Ilia Mysliaev (RUS)
MVP - Resul Karabulut (NED)


Complete tournament results are listed below, and all games can be found at https://youtu.be/sbZuu1QD6RM. For more information including photos, please visit the tournaments official Facebook page or website at wrec-divisionc.eu.

IWRF 2017 European Division C Championship Results

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - All Times CET
Time Teams Score
17:00 Russia vs. Nederlands 53-56 OT
19:00 Czech Republic vs. Israel 49-32 
Friday, November 3, 2017  
10:00 Russia vs. Israel 52-32
12:00 Czech Republic vs. Nederlands 48-45
15:00 Israel vs. Nederlands 29-58
17:00 Czech Republic vs. Russia 47-59
Saturday, November 4, 2017
09:00 Nederlands vs. Czech Republic - Semi Final I 52-45
11:00 Russia vs, Israel - Semi Final II 54-32
14:00 Czech Republic vs. Israel - Bronze Medal Game 48-38
16:00 Russia vs. Nederlands - European Div. C Championship 48-51