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9 July 2017

Germany's Kristin Hempfling talks about new Head Official role

By Kristin Hempfling, Head Official Wheelchair Rugby Germany


In May, the German annual general meeting was held in Munich, and I took on the role as the Head Official for Germany. The head official in Germany is supported by a committee of experienced officials – Alexander Schreiner and Nicole Fassbender.


The first task was to get a good overview of the officials in Germany. Therefore, the officials had to report their activity over the past two years and whether they are interested to move forward as an official. Most officials enjoy just being involved nationally in wheelchair rugby. However, some showed interest in moving forward.


Those officials can progress in their national level and will get support to do so.


The biggest challenge is getting new people involved to officiate in Germany. Therefore, a flyer was created to find people, who are interested in officiating wheelchair rugby. This flyer was handed out at the European Championship in June and will be sent out to sport clubs, sport universities and other similar institutions.


I would like to mention the success achieved by Germany’s officials at the recent European A Championships, with eleven officials from Germany were involved. Whether they were involved as a assistant tournament director, a head official, a head table official, a referee or a table official, everyone’s effort made this tournament a successful event.  There are two more zonal championships this year, which will involve two more officials from Germany. I wish them a successful tournament!


Coming back to the topic to get new people involved. A clinic was held in Koblenz in August. Nineteen people registered to attend the clinic. The participants were players, who would like to learn more about the rules, and people who would like to become a table official or referee. I enjoyed  the clinic, as it helped to get new people involved. I look forward to supporting all officials and to all that will come up in the next months!