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19 August 2017

A snapshot of the Low Pointers Game

David Klinkhamer here, ex-international for the Wheel Blacks and staunch Low Point tournament supporter. I’ve been roped into writing a bit about this version of the game and why we continue to host the largest Low Pointers tournament in the Southern Hemisphere here in New Zealand every April.


Low Pointers is a variation of the game where the maximum number of points that can be on the court is only 3.5 rather than the usual 8 points. It’s for players who are classified 1.5 and below.


Some high-point players refer to it as “Slugby” as it is not as fast as the regular game but for us Low Pointers it feels really fast and is always the most fun tournament of the year.


The game offers Low Point players a great chance to play roles that they wouldn’t normally do. 1.0 pointers and 0.5’s get the chance to carry the ball and attack the key. There are lots of laughs and it always feels very relaxed even though the games are competitive and it is very hard work.


Low Point rugby brings challenges such as attacking the key while there are three long chairs in there all with pick bars so where ever you go you are stuck on somebody’s pick. There are no high point chairs with round fronts that you can just slip around. You play in a defensive chair so it’s not easy to get away from other players either. Tactics are very important in Low Pointers.


The 12 seconds over half rule can feel pretty quick too, pretty much if you get caught up or your screen is not moving it’s all over. It can be frustrating but that is all part of the fun.


I love Low Pointers, it is a great variation of the game and it’s a highlight of our season.


David Klinkhamer

Classification - 1.5

Waikato Wheelchair Rugby, New Zealand