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1 September 2017

IWRF Variation Working Group Update

The IWRF Variation Working Group will be meeting for the fourth time this September via a conference call. The past three meetings have seen plenty of strong discussion which led to part of their presentation at last year’s General Assembly.


The VWG has identified four main priorities moving forward which are:


  1. Further education and communication to the membership.
  2. Better engagement with The Invictus Games and Foundation.
  3. Direct engagement with Wheelchair 7s Rugby.
  4. The low point game within the IWRF.

The focus of our next meeting will be on identifying actions to address these priority areas.


The IWRF is already talking with various people involved with Wheelchair 7s Rugby and both organisations will be meeting shortly. It is hoped that this is the start of many future discussions and will be an opportunity for us all to understand our individual sports better. It will also be useful to outline our individual expectations in regard to the future.


The IWRF are already looking into how we can promote and develop the low point variation of the Paralympic Sport. Low point tournaments have been taking place almost as long as the sport has been established and if any nation is looking to develop or already hosts low point tournaments then we would love to hear from you. There is potential to introduce more classification opportunities, event standards and even a parallel world ranking system.


Upcoming variant events include an international match between rivals England and France in wheelchair rugby 7s that will be held in Argenteuil, France on September 16. 


The 3rd Invictus Games will be held in Toronto, Canada from September 23-October 1, and bring together injured servicemen and women from 17 nations to compete in 12 sports, including wheelchair rugby in which eight nations are slated to compete.  For more information please visit www.invictusgames2017.com


For more information on the IWRF VWG, contact Richard Allcroft