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26 August 2017

Development Committee's newest member tastes Wheelchair Rugby

By Jo Hajjars


The sound of wheels on courts, whistles from referees and commentators exclaiming over microphones, greeted me as I entered the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre for what would be my first experience of a Wheelchair Rugby tournament.


Having only been introduced to the sport earlier this year, it is safe to say I was not only the youngest member of the IWRF Development Committee, but also the newest to Rugby in general.


My committee members assured me my ‘non-immersion’ into wheelchair rugby was what made my contribution invaluable to the team, as everyone else had lived and breathed the sport for many years. Therefore, viewing the sport as a genuine outsider would be beneficial for offering a fresh and different perspective.


However, it is one thing to not be immersed in the sport, but it is another thing to have never seen a game of wheelchair rugby before!


By the end of the weekend, I had not only watched several matches between top teams from Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand, had a full run down of the rules and classification of players from development committee member and classifier, Naomi O’Riley, but I also got to sit in one of the typical chairs they use for the sport and have a go at throwing the ball around.


The opportunity to meet my Development Committee members face to face, watch a live game of the fast paced thrill that is Wheelchair Rugby and meet all the awesome and inspiring people behind DSA and IWRF was an invaluable experience. I can see why my committee members are Wheelchair Rugby mad!