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25 May 2017

IWRF Competitions Committee Update

By Kathy Newman


The IWRF Competitions Committee met in Sheffield, England over three days of intense discussion this past April.  The meetings were extremely productive and it gave everyone the opportunity to work through ideas.


It is our goal to build stronger relationships within the zones by assigning competitions committee members in each zone and encouraging direct communications and providing support.  Our goals are to:


  • Increase the level and number of competitions
  • Work closely with the developing nations to develop competitive opportunities
  • Promote the benefits in hosting tournaments
  • Provide information to support members interested in hosting events

Zone representatives include:


  • John Timms – European Zone
  • Tim Johnson – Asia Oceania Zone
  • Bob Lopez – Americas Zone

You can reach these individuals at


The committee addressed the current event standards and recognize the need to have different standards depending on the level of the event.  We will be developing a set of levels for event delivery and the requirements of LOC’s to reach these levels.  The top level will be linked to our IPC partners events and the IWRF World Championships.  Levels will be focused on the standard of tournament with the lowest level linked to developing nations tournaments.  The Competitions committee will be liaising with the Development and Technical committee on these requirements, but our aim is to provide a standards pathway alongside the competition pathway with the IWRF Championship events.  Our goal is to encourage and support event hosting at all levels.


We have also created:


  • A document to identify the IWRF personnel required to host a tournament for sanctioned IWRF events.
  • A list of technical specifications to help nations understand what is required to run a wheelchair rugby competition especially if hosting a Championship Event.
  • A substitution policy that will be clearer for competing teams and will be in line with Paralympic Games.
  • An Event feedback system will be designed to allow everyone involved in providing information to help make future events better. It will be for teams, technical officials and organizing committees.

Tim and Bob have been mandated to progress and promulgate the World Ranking Points System. This was reviewed in depth in Sheffield and we will look to setup some education sessions via video conference facilities. The committee has agreed on the goals and principles that underpin the new system.


Disability Sports Australia (DSA) are well underway organizing the 2018 IWRF World Championship. The first step along the way is hosting a test event which is being held from August 2 to 5. It’s being held in conjunction with the 2017 GIO Wheelchair Rugby National Championship. This is shaping up to be a great event and a great way to test the facilities ahead of next year's Championship. If you have any questions you can email as Technical Delegate or as Sports Coordinator for DSA.