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27 May 2017

IWRF Development Committee Overview

By Cherie Harris


Europe has had an exciting few months with Portugal holding their first sport camp, which was well supported. 


Neighboring Spain has held a national referees clinic and also have a member heading to New Zealand midyear to train with local teams, observe and help out with the AO Zonals.  This is a fantastic networking opportunity and will hopefully provide a range of new initiatives and training options for Spain when their member returns. Greece have a new coach and are going through a reorganization phase. 


Juan Foa (captain of Argentina and IWRF Development Committee member) was in Russia in May working with the Russian team on coaching, skills and drills. We look forward to seeing Russia competing and moving forward up the rankings.


Exciting times in Asia with Bangladesh holding a successful IWRF clinic in April. You will find a trainers perspective on this elsewhere in the newsletter thanks to Curtis Palmer. It was wonderful to have the support of the Bangladesh Rugby Federation in all areas including refereeing, coaching and supporting the establishment of wheelchair rugby. Pappu Modak (IWRF Development Committee member) made everything so much easier by paying attention to all the details and communicating effectively, thanks Pappu.


Singapore is up and running with regular Friday night practices and a good handful of players.  Hong Kong is also moving forward thanks to Hong Kong World Rugby, recruiting players and thinking about clinics. Check out this article by Andy Barrow. Should any of our rugby family be traveling through these hubs at any stage with time on their hands please get in touch with me and hopefully together we can support rugby development.