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8 December 2016

IWRF Variation Working Group - future priorities

Following a successful presentation in Frankfurt, Germany to the IWRF member nations, the Variation Working Group (VWG) are looking forward to establishing its key priorities for 2017 and beyond. The membership were made aware of sports developing across the globe who use the terminology of wheelchair rugby.  In many cases the developing sport is based on or similar to, existing sport rules.


The IWRF have been aware of variation sports developing, and in 2016 established the group to assess and identify wheelchair rugby variants and organisations in terms of participation, global reach, governance (including not-for-profit or commercial), level of sport development, and any associated risks or challenges. 


A questionnaire was also circulated to the IWRF members, which included questions around sports that could be considered a variation of the Paralympic game. The general feedback was that for many nations there was a lack of understanding or knowledge about variations. Also, there were some concerns about how it would affect inclusion in the Paralympic Games.


The sessions that were recently hosted in Frankfurt hopefully continue the education about developing sports, including some of the risks and benefits for IWRF member nations engaging with sports at a national level. 

The group will meet next in January 2017 to develop its priorities and will continue to communicate with the membership. In early 2017, they will circulate a summary of the presentations held in Frankfurt in November, as well as the feedback received during the interactive sessions.


Please click here to read the biography's of the variation working group members.


If anyone wishes to discuss the topic of variation sports, please contact Chair, Richard Allcroft at