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5 October 2016

IWRF 2016 General Assembly Agenda, Motions & Nominations

Attention IWRF Members


The IWRF 2016 General Assembly and Conference will be held at the Best Western Premier IB Hotel in Frankfort, Germany from November 12-15, 2016. The following documents relating to the 2016 IWRF General Assembly can be downloaded HERE:


-          Agenda

-          Outline Schedule of Events

-          Summary of Motions

-          Nominations Report


The motions and nomination documents are also available for download from the IWRF DropBox at the following link:




Several motions were received that proposed changes to the International Rules for the Sport of Wheelchair Rugby. In accordance with the Rule Change Procedure that was adopted by the 2014 General Assembly, changes to the rules are no longer dealt with by the General Assembly. All these motions will be forwarded to the Technical Committee for their review as rule change proposals. I have prepared a summary list of the proposed rule changes that were submitted, for information only. It is also available at the above link.


Best regards,


Eron Main