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2 June 2016

Draw complete for Rio 2016 Wheelchair Rugby competition

The draw for the Wheelchair Rugby competition at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games was conducted on June 2, 2016, in Sheffield, United Kingdom, under the supervision of the IWRF Competitions Committee.


The eight qualified teams were drawn into two pools for the Rio competition. The draw was done in pairs, with the pairs seeded based on the current IWRF World Ranking list. One team from each pair was drawn into each pool. The host country for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Brazil, was given their choice of pools after the first three pairs were drawn, with France being assigned the other pool.


The results of the draw are:


Pool A                                         Pool B

Canada (1)                                   United States (2)

Australia (4)                                  Japan (3)

Great Britain (5)                            Sweden (6)

Brazil (19)                                    France (7)


(Bracketed numbers represent current positions on the IWRF World Ranking List)


The draw has been video recorded and posted online at the IWRF web site.


At the Rio Paralympics, each pool will play a single round-robin, with the top two teams from each pool proceeding to the medal round. The competition schedule for Rio 2016 will be prepared by IWRF in consultation with the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee in the coming weeks.