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19 March 2012

IWRF Presents its 2011-2014 Strategic Plan

Back in May 2011, the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation’s Board of Directors, and key members of the International Rugby Board (IRB), met in Richmond, BC, Canada to draft a new Strategic Plan for the IWRF. The purpose of this important meeting was to draw up a four-year road map that would guide the sport of wheelchair rugby, and the Federation that governs the sport into 2015 and beyond.

This process was facilitated by the IRB, and following three days of very productive work, the team emerged with a solid document that met the IWRF’s needs. The new Strategic Plan includes a renewed Vision and Mission statement and spells out the Values that are the very foundation of the IWRF. The plan also includes a list of goals that will strengthen the foundation of the IWRF, as well as the strategies that will help assure that these goals are achieved.

In the last quarter of 2011, the IWRF presented the draft Strategic Plan to members attending the General Assembly meetings held during each of the three Zone Championships. Initial input from those who attended the meetings was well received, and further improvements were made to the document. The IWRF has since done a final draft of the Strategic Plan, and is now distributing it publicly so all members can review it for themselves.

In the coming weeks the IWRF will prepare a short online survey seeking additional input on its Strategic Plan. Then on June 17th, the Board of Directors will ask the IWRF membership to give final approval to the document during the IWRF General Assembly to be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The IWRF has already made great strides in meeting several of the goals in the plan, and looks forward to working together with our membership to build a great future for the entire Wheelchair Rugby Family.



Download the IWRF Strategic Plan as an Adobe PDF file