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11 August 2015

Toronto 2015: Preview - Argentina vs. Brazil

By Nathan Bragg


It’s a game that could have major implications on who goes to the semifinals and who gets stuck in the consolation round, 19th ranked Brazil takes on traditional rival 20th ranked Argentina.


oth teams come into this game with identical (1-2) records. The two rivals started the sport ten years ago and have a come a long way during that time. A win should put Brazil in the medal round and while an Argentinian victory will put less pressure on them against Colombia. Here what I consider to be the keys to the game.

Argentina’s Dynamic Duo
The pairing of Juan Herrera and Matias Cardozo have done the bulk of their team’s scoring and Herrera in particular has become a fan favorite, while their goals attract attention they have struggled with ball control and are ranked 1st and 2nd in turnovers. For Argentina to win this game, they’ll need better decision making from their two stars especially against Brazil’s aggressive style of play. Fernando Cañumil has been solid for Argentina and may see more of the ball today as a result.

Brazil’s Bench
Through three games, Brazil’s bench has exceeded expectations and given the team an added dimension, as they are able to sustain a high-pressure, up-tempo system for a full game, while keeping their players fresh and energetic. They have a number of interchangeable pieces that all work well together. Moises Batista gives them a different look of their bench as a trunk player who often draws the toughest defensive assignments, he struggles with turnovers but can Giuriato a break for stretches.

As these two teams are rivals, expect a game full of hard hits, falls and some trash talk. Brazil and Colombia gave the fans a spectacle last night and this match should follow suit, these teams have a great history with one another. Argentina beat Brazil for bronze in 2009 to claim a berth at the 2010 IWRF World Championships and Brazil followed that up with back-to-back medals in 2011 and 2013 as well as a 35-point victory over their rivals last year. Argentina’s had a year to improve and have a chance to avenge the loss today.

Argentina’s leaders
Goals: Matias Cardozo 29, Juan Herrera, 25, Fernando Cañumil, 23
Turnovers: Matias Cardozo, 22, Juan Herrera, 20, Fernando Canñumil,11
Minutes per game: Matias Cardozo 35:00, Juan Herrera, 22:49, Fernando Cañumil, 21:21

Brazil’s leaders
Goals: Alexandre Giuriato, 29, Bruno Damaceno, 19, Jose Higino, 16
Turnovers: Moises Batista, 13, Alexandre Taniguchi 11, Davi Abreu, 7
Minutes per game: Jose Higino, 24:31, Bruno Damaceno, 20:57, Alexandre Taniguchi, 19:19


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