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15 April 2015

Recap - Day 3 at IWRF European Div. B Championship

Written by Nathan Bragg


The semifinalists from Pool A have been determined after a day full of blowouts. Ireland and France will be moving on to the semi-finals after winning their first two games, and will meet tomorrow to see who tops the group. In Pool B it will all come down to the third day of round robin play as Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland all still have a chance at the semi-finals while Russia is headed to the consolation games.


The first match of the day saw France take on Italy. The French opted to rest star Ryadh Sallem as coach Olivier Cusin gave his other players an opportunity to shine, and they did not disappoint. France started the game on an 8-0 run forcing Italy to burn several time-outs in the process. Their superior speed and depth made every goal a challenge for the less experienced Italian side and France rolled to a 58-21 victory using a full team effort as multiple players made it onto the score-sheet.


The second match saw Switzerland play Russia. Russia kept things close in the first quarter but eventually fell victim to the Swiss’ advantage in speed and experience. Swiss 2.5 Jeremy Jenal had a great game consistently finding openings off the ball and getting in good position to score. Austria easily won 61-38, and sends Russia to the consolation round regardless of if they beat Poland tomorrow.


The final match of the day saw Ireland take on Austria. The Irish got off to a commanding start taking a seven-point lead into the second half. Thomas Moylan took over the game for Ireland and Austria didn’t have anyone who could match his speed with the ball. In the second half Austria tried to match the Wheels in Green with their own hi-lo line-up, but Ireland won the match-up and and eventually won 57-42 giving them a chance to top the group with a win over France tomorrow.


Click HERE for full results and webcast schedule


Pools after Day 3

Pool A


France (x)

Ireland (x)









Goal Difference





Pool B

Poland (T)
Czech Republic









Goal Difference 





X: Made semi-finals

T: holds tie-breaker