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15 March 2015

IWRF Releases new Strategic Plan

The IWRF has released its newest Strategic Plan for review by its membership and stakeholders. This is the third strategic plan for the IWRF, and will serve as a key document that will direct the future growth and administration of the sport though 2018. The plan was drafted following recent IWRF Educational and Planning meetings held in London in February, which were made possible with the support of World Rugby and Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby.


The 2015-2018 Strategic Plan outlines the core values and goals of the IWRF, as well as the strategies that will help achieve them. A renewed commitment to provide strong leadership, effective governance, high quality services, and a world class competition structure will continue. The IWRF will also begin working with wheelchair rugby variant organizations to share their experience and knowledge, with a goal of forming working relationships and growing the global Wheelchair Rugby Family.


IWRF President, John Bishop stated “We are very pleased with the direction that the new strategic plan will lead us, and are energized by the detailed thought and input that our Board and Committee Chairs have contributed in creating this document. I am confident that the needs of our membership and sport have been addressed, and we are looking forward to upholding our core values and working together to achieve the goals stated within the plan.”


Bishop went on to say that the strategic plan distributed to its membership and stakeholders is an overview of the plan’s key points. The IWRF Board and its committees will be working from a fully detailed document, along with an operational plan, to track the organization’s progress on an ongoing basis.


To download a copy of the IWRF’s 2015-2018 strategic plan click HERE.


About the IWRF
The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) is the governing body responsible for the sport of wheelchair rugby. Our mission is to grow and support the global Wheelchair Rugby Family, with a vision to be a world leader in wheelchair sport. For more information please contact us at