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18 August 2014

Summary Report of the IWRF 2014 General Assembly

The purpose of this report is to briefly detail the key decisions taken at the 2014 IWRF General Assembly, which was held on August 3, 2014 in Odense, Denmark.


This report is not intended to replace the official minutes, which will be published in draft form in accordance with the IWRF By-Law governing Meetings. This report is for the information of the members only.


At the beginning of the meeting, nineteen member countries of IWRF were present. One additional member arrived during the meeting bringing the total to 20 members present out of 26.



Motions from the Board and Committees

  • Adopt the revised rule change procedure PASSED
  • Amend the IWRF Anti-doping Rules PASSED
  • Adopt proposed changes to hand function assessment PASSED
  • Adopt proposed changes to the competitions system
    This motions was amended into three separate motions:
    1. Adopt the proposed changes less the draw and qualification system PASSED
    2. Adopt the proposed draw system PASSED
    3. Adopt the proposed qualification system PASSED

Motions from the Membership

  • Modify the format of the IWRF World Championship FAILED
    (Great Britain)
  • Amend Article 28 of the International Rules – Anti-tips PASSED
  • Amend Article 14 of the International Rules – Official ball FAILED
  • Appoint Zonal Technical Delegates from outside the Zone FAILED
  • Create two separate wheelchair rugby categories NO SECOND
  • Amend Article 76 of the International Rules – 12 second count FAILED


  • President one position John Bishop (USA) elected
  • Vice President one position Ken Sowden (NZL) elected
  • Member at large one position Duncan Campbell (CAN) elected
  • Athlete representative one position Jens Sauerbier (GER) elected

Full details of all motions presented at the IWRF 2014 General Assembly can be found by clicking here.