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15 August 2014

Wheelchair Rugby in India - Help realize a dream

Dear Friends of Wheelchair Rugby,

I need your help, as fellow wheelchair rugby enthusiasts, to spread the word about a 30-day online fundraiser for my friend Riya and her wheelchair rugby team to participate in an important regional tournament in South Korea, the Asian Para Games. This will be the first opportunity for India to be officially represented in an International Wheelchair Rugby Federation sanctioned event, the publicity from which will enable Riya’s team to create a broader network of support from within India for this new and life-empowering sport.


I was in India in 2008 filming a short documentary on the stories of fellow quadriplegics when I met Riya Gupta, a young girl who had a dream to be a teacher and sports star despite her spinal cord injury and the hopeless attitudes of her community.  Today, she is an essential member of India's first and only wheelchair rugby team, the Delhi Warriors, which I began back in 2007 with equipment donations from several U.S. & Canadian players, as well as a grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. 

Below is the link to the Indiegogo fundraising campaign to support Riya's team in pioneering wheelchair rugby in India.  The campaign includes an amazing article about Riya's story by the Hindustan Times, India's premier national paper, as well as the 25-minute award-winning documentary, "More Than Walking", that features Riya and the story of wheelchair rugby in India. 




“Image you lived in a country where the medical community told you that you could never be independent because you’re a quadriplegic. If you participate in Wheelchair Rugby you know that this isn’t true, and by supporting this program you will help destroy this mentality in India. Please support this great cause that will allow India to become an active participant in the global Wheelchair Rugby Family.” --John Bishop, President IWRF

Thank you for your help!
- Jonathan Sigworth

Co-Founder & Director
ESCIP Trust India


Empowering Spinal Cord Injured Persons
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