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1 June 2010

International Maximus Quadrugby Tournament MMIX

“Maximus is a gladiator. Maximus competes and wins in his wheelchair. Maximus is extreme sport.” That was the opening statement of the 2nd International Maximus Tournament held at ANDEF, in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.


The event united five nations: Argentina, Colombia, the United Stated, Great Britain and Brazil. All of the matches were played on the highest level. Great Britain team that took part with four athletes from the National Team of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, won champion’s title in the final match against the United States, demonstrating wonderful technique of the game.


The two duels between Brazil and Argentina were truly exciting games. This confrontation always stands out for its competitiveness between these nations, and in rugby it couldn’t be different, here every dual is worth a grill party. For this purpose we have created “the Plate of Friendship”, with this plate the winner’s meat tastes better. The bout between Argentina and Brazil resulted in a tie for each team won a match, though on the basis of goal difference (only one in fact!) Argentina finished the tournament third. Thus Brazil was the fourth ranked, and Colombia ended in the fifth place.


Following Mr. John Bishop, Vice President for IWRF (International Wheelchair Rugby Federation), the Tournament was a great success, for 18 years of his involvement in this sport he had never seen a court more beautiful that the one at Maximus. He underlined, that the work done in South America is impressive and unique around the globe. Mr. Bishop paid a lot of compliments to the Organizing Committee of the event as well as to the Brazilian Wheelchair Rugby Association that managed for such a short period of time to bring this sport to such a high level. The coach of the American team Troy McGuirk added: “I am very glad to participate in the event, just call me again and we will be back.”


The atmosphere of friendship and family between the athletes from different countries reigned throughout the tournament. All those united by Wheelchair Rugby are members of IWRF family!