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28 July 2014

IWRF to hold Anti-Doping Outreach Campaign at World Championship

The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) will conduct an Anti-Doping Outreach Campaign during its upcoming World Championship in Odense, Denmark.


The event, in partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), will showcase the IWRF’s commitment to Anti-Doping and Drug-Free Sport, and will be presented in a fun and engaging way.


An anti-doping booth will be setup at the competition venue, where WADA educational materials and copies of the IWRF Anti-Doping Handbook will be distributed. Athletes and others attending the World Championship will have the opportunity to test their anti-doping knowledge by taking a short interactive quiz and receive a free gift to demonstrate their support of drug-free sport.


During the games on Saturday, August 9th, the IWRF will highlight its Anti-Doping Campaign by having officials wear Say No to Doping T-shirts. These important matches will determine which position teams will play for on the final day of competition, including the gold, silver and bronze medal games.


“Most athletes are committed to drug-free sport, but they don’t always have the knowledge and information they need, said IWRF Secretary General and Anti-Doping Committee member Eron Main. “This outreach is an opportunity to educate our athletes and supporters, and for them to demonstrate their own support in the fight against doping.”


All matches at the IWRF 2014 World Championship will be webcast live, which will help spread the IWRF’s anti-doping message to a large global audience. For more information on the IWRF Anti-Doping Outreach Campaign or World Championship, please contact us.