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1 June 2014

Attention Athletes - You can be the change

The 2014 World Championships are just two-months away, which will include the IWRF General Assembly. During this important meeting, elections will be held for four positions on the IWRF Board of Directors; President, Vice-President, a Member at Large, and Athlete Representative.  


Ross Morrison has admirably served as IWRF Athlete Representative since 2005, and has recently announced that he will be stepping down in August. On behalf of the sport and Board, thank you for your many years of contributions and dedicated service Ross!


The Athlete Representative is a very important role, as it provides athletes with the opportunity to discuss anything they want in confidence, knowing that their voice will be heard at the highest level. It also helps assure that the IWRF Board is aware of any issues or concerns that those who play the game might have, as the IWRF is an athlete driven organization.


If you, or someone you know is an active international athlete who is interested in contributing to the future governance of your sport, please consider submitting a nomination for this August's elections. Once elected, the Athlete Representative will become a member of the IWRF Board for 4 years, and is expected to attend regular Board meetings held by conference call, as well as one face to face Board meeting each year. All related expenses for participation are paid by IWRF.


All nominations must be submitted by the governing body for wheelchair rugby in your country, and received by IWRF Secretary General, Eron Main by Friday, June 13, 2014.


The Terms of Reference for the Athlete Representative role are listed below along with a link to the required nomination files. Serving on the IWRF Board is a great opportunity to contribute to your sport and federations future. Should you have any questions, please contact Eron Main at  


Terms of Reference - IWRF Athlete Representative


The Athlete Representative must be a currently active player in the sport of Wheelchair Rugby. The Athlete Representative has the following duties:


  • Chair the IWRF Athletes Council
  • Represent the interests of wheelchair rugby athletes to the Board
  • Attend all meetings of the Board
  • Attend the General Assembly of the IWRF
  • Serve as representative on IWRF Standing Committees at the direction of the Board
  • Represent the IWRF to other organizations or at specific events at the direction of the Board
  • Perform such other duties as shall from time to time be imposed upon him by the Board


To download the nomination form and related files, click here.