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7 April 2014

Wheelchair Rugby Sport Manager Sought for Rio 2016 Paralympic Games


The Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is seeking a qualified individual for the role of Sport Manager for wheelchair rugby at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. IWRF is working with Rio 2016 to fill this position.

The Sport Manager will be employed by Rio 2016, and will work closely with IWRF to ensure all aspects of the wheelchair rugby competition in 2016 are delivered to the highest standards. This role is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of wheelchair rugby at one of the most high profile sporting events in the world.

Rio 2016, as the employer, will conduct the hiring process. To help understand the position further please read through the accompanying job description and selection process documents. Deadline to submit applications is Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Position Information


Status:    Part-time until October 2014

10 to 15 days per month
Some work will need to be on-site in Rio de Janeiro

Full-time from October 2014
All work on-site in Rio de Janeiro


Salary:    Part-time

Residents of Brazil - R$ 344.00 per day plus some expenses for travel to Rio for work during the part-time period.
Non-residents - US$ 6500,00 per month.
Non-residents will be responsible to pay all expenses for travel to Rio for work during the part-time period.

Full time
To be negotiated dependent on experience.


Click Here to download this Notice and the WR Sport Manager Job Description.


For further information on this position, or to apply, please contact Eron Main, IWRF Secretary-General, at