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21 November 2013

Only Japan remains undefeated after day-two in South Africa

Pretoria - South Africa’s Wheelboks improves on their goal margin against Japan in their second encounter played this afternoon at the IWRF Asia Oceania Championship in Pretoria.


Kat Swanepoel opened the scoring once again, and met an instant response from Japan’s Tomoaki Imai within half a minute. Throughout the game Troye Collins, Victor Buitendag, and youngsters Swanepoel and Okker Anker provided consistent address to Japan’s tactic of overhead, high and long passes. Fashioning the best Mohawk of the tournament, captain Shin Nakazato was top scorer of the match with 16 points, whilst teammates Shinichi Shimakawa and Yu Nagayasau drove in and additional 14 and 12 points respectively to end on a winning score of 66 to South Africa’s final 31.


Australia who forfeited their first match due to illness, returned to the court for the final day’s match up against New Zealand’s Wheelblacks. It was evident that the Australian Steelers were not on top form with a couple players having to leave the court during the match due to illness. The Wheelblacks lead the match from the start, with the opening goal coming from Captain Dan Buckingham, who constantly crossed the score line, 26 times in total and managed to close the match with the final pointer.


The Batt man, Ryley Batt, made his mark when he ventured onto the court in the second quarter. Together with teammate Chris Bond, Wheelblack Cameron Leslie felt the full brunt of the battering rams on more than one occasion. Having a fair amount of players that were still feeling poorly, Australia was penalized in the final quarter having only fielded three players, instead of the full complement of four. The Wheelblacks were triumphant in the end with a final score of 52 over Australia’s 45 points.


Tomorrow opening match sees the Wheelblacks take on the Wheelboks at 10h00, followed by Japan and Australia at 12h00. The afternoon set has South Africa up against Australia, and in the final match of the day, New Zealand faces Japan.


For live streaming of the entire tournament visit www.iwrf.com, or go along and watch the world’s top teams compete at the stadium. Entrance is free. For further information, high res images and interviews please contact Media Manager: Alison Spratley on or +27 (0) 82 467 1213.