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30 June 2013

Canada Red wins 2013 Metro Cup

The 2013 Wheelchair Rugby Metro Cup wrapped up in Warsaw, Poland earlier today after three days of competition.


The undefeated teams of Canada Red and Great Britain A met each other for the Championship, which was webcast live. Despite Great Britain’s best efforts, Canada came away with a convincing 57-45 win, and captured the Championship trophy as a result.


In one of the closer matches of the day, tournament host Poland finished third by defeating Germany, 48-43.


Poland is currently ranked number 11 in the world and will be looking to improve their ranking at the IWRF European Championship to be held in Belgium in August. Germany who is just one position below, will be doing the same as both countries hope to qualify for next year’s World Championship.


The 5/6th place game featured Canada Black and Great Britain B, who both ran smaller squads formed with a combination of veterans and players with less international experience. Great Britain B came away with the win 59-38, but the experience gained by all of the athletes should benefit the long-term development of both countries national teams.


Brazil lost a heart breaker to the Czech Republic in the 7/8 place game, 45-49.


While many of the teams at the Metro Cup were disappointed with their final results, having the opportunity to compete against strong opponents will no doubt help them prepare for their upcoming zonal Championships coming up later this year. For more information on the Metro Cup please visit www.metrocup.sson.pl


2013 Wheelchair Rugby Metro Cup

Final Standings

1st Place - Canada Red

2nd Place - Great Britain A       

3rd Place - Poland

4th Place - Germany

5th Place - Great Britain B

6th Place - Canada Black

7th Place - Czech Republic

8th Place - Brazil


All Tournament Team

Best 0.5 - Muhammad Islam - Great Britain B

Best 1.0-1.5 - Bulbul Hussein - Great Britain A

Best 2.0-2.5 - Alan Ash - Great Britain B

Best 3.0-3.5 - Zak Madell - Canada Red
MVP - Ales Kisy - Czech Republic

Game Results - 2013 Wheelchair Rugby Metro Cup - Warsaw Poland
Group A
Canada Red
Great Britain B
Czech Republic
Group B
Great Britain A
Canada Black
Friday, 28 June 2013
Time Court 1 Score Court 2 Score
14:00  Canada Red vs Great Britain B  53-45 Germany vs Czech Republic 58-41
15:30 Poland vs. Brazil 49-37 Great Britain A vs. Canada Black 59-40
17:00 Canada Red vs. Germany 66-46 Great Britain B vs. Czech Republic 55-38
18:30 Great Britain A vs. Poland 48-43 Canada Black vs. Brazil 69-43
Saturday, 29 June 2013     
09:00 Canada Red vs. Czech Republic 58-34 Germany vs. Great Britain B 43-42
10:30 Poland vs. Canada Black 49-44 Great Britain A vs. Brazil 68-45
13:00 Great Britain B vs. Brazil (A3 vs. B4) 60-35
14:30 Canada Black vs. Czech Republic (B3 vs. A4)   53-42
16:00 Canada Red vs. Poland (A1 vs. B2)   50-40
17:30 Great Britain A vs. Germany (B1 vs. A2)   46-37
Sunday, 30 June 2013    
09:00 Czech Republic vs. Brazil - 7/8 Place 49-45
10:30 Great Britain B vs. Canada Black - 5/6 Place 59-38
12:00 Germany vs. Poland - Bronze Medal Game 43-48
14:00 Canada Red vs. Great Britain A - 2013 Metro Cup Championship 57-45