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28 June 2013

Top Seeds Rule Day One at Metro Cup

The 2013 Metro Cup kicked off in Warsaw, Poland today with eight international teams participating. Both Canada and Great Britain are running split squads this weekend, while Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland are not.  


Day one of pool-play began with Group A's Canada Red beating Great Britain B, 53-45, and Germany downing the Czech Republic, 58-41.


Host country Poland opened Group B by defeating Brazil, 49-37, followed by Great Britain A handling Canada Black, 59-40.


The Brazilians traveled the furthest to compete at the Metro Cup, and can be expected to be very active internationally over the next 3 years as they prepare to host the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.


In the evening session, Canada Red upset Germany by twenty points - 66-46, and the Czech Republic lost to Great Britain B, 38-55. Poland ended their first day suffeing a loss to Great Britain A, 43-48 and Canada Black downed Brazil by twenty-six points, 69-43.


With 8 games now in the books, only Canada Red and Great Britain A remain undefeated. Competition resumes at 09:00 (Warsaw time) Saturday with the final 4 pool-play matches, followed by cross-over action in the afternoon.


For more information or to watch the live webcast of Sundays games, please visit www.metrocup.sson.pl


Group A
Canada Red
Great Britain B
Czech Republic
Group B
Great Britain A
Canada Black
Friday, 28 June 2013
Time Court 1 Score Court 2 Score
14:00  Canada Red vs Great Britain B  53-45 Germany vs Czech Republic 58-41
15:30 Poland vs. Brazil 49-37 Great Britain A vs. Canada Black 59-40
17:00 Canada Red vs. Germany 66-46 Great Britain B vs. Czech Republic 55-38
18:30 Great Britain A vs. Poland 48-43 Canada Black vs. Brazil 69-43
Saturday, 29 June 2013     
09:00 Canada Red vs. Czech Republic 58-34 Germany vs. Great Britain B 43-42
10:30 Poland vs. Canada Black 49-44 Great Britain A vs. Brazil 68-45
13:00 Great Britain B vs. Brazil (A3 vs. B4) 60-35
14:30 Canada Black vs. Czech Republic (B3 vs. A4)   53-42
16:00 Canada Red vs. Poland (A1 vs. B2)   50-40
17:30 Great Britain A vs. Germany (B1 vs. A2)   46-37
Sunday, 30 June 2013    
09:00 Czech Republic vs. Brazil - 7/8 Place  
10:30 Great Britain B vs. Canada Black - 5/6 Place  
12:00 Germany vs. Poland - Bronze Medal Game  
14:00 Canada Red vs. Great Britain A - 2013 Metro Cup Championship