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19 June 2011

Landmark strategic plan for International Wheelchair Rugby Federation

(Richmond, BC) - The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) and the International Rugby Board (IRB) have underscored their commitment to collaboration with the delivery of a new roadmap for the development and growth of Wheelchair Rugby worldwide.


The IWRF and IRB have forged a strong working relationship over the past 12 months and landmark meetings in Richmond, BC, Canada between May 28-31 marked the next phase of collaboration and resulted in the creation of a new four-year IWRF Strategic Plan.


The process was facilitated by the IRB which has also committed to supporting the development and implementation of a new IWRF website that will reach out to the global Wheelchair Rugby community and feature news, event information and training and education programmes.


The IRB has also committed to assisting with the development of new education and training programmes with IRB Regional Training Coordinator Mike Luke advising the IWRF as it creates a new suite of materials for a sport which continues to grow in popularity and support worldwide.


"After four days of meetings with the IWRF Board in Richmond, I am delighted with the tremendous amount of work that was done on behalf of our membership," said John Bishop, President of the IWRF.


"A solid draft of the IWRF's 2011-2015 Strategic Plan was completed, which will be distributed in the coming weeks for review and feedback. I also want to express my appreciation to the International Rugby Board (IRB) for their efforts in making our strategic planning sessions so successful."


The IWRF achieved sport independence in 2010 and has been working since then to become a world leader in wheelchair sports. Wheelchair rugby is actively played in 27 countries and is developing in 10 others. The IWRF hopes that its closer relationship with the IRB will allow it to bring this unique sport to even more athletes with a disability.


With a new strategic plan in place, the IWRF will now proceed with member consultation and implementing an action plan to achieve its strategic goals.