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26 April 2013

IWRF Classifiers to Present at VISTA Conference

The 6th annual IPC VISTA Conference will take place in Bonn, Germany from May 1-4, 2013. Organized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), VISTA brings together sport scientists and experts from around the world to discuss sport for athletes within the Paralympic Movement.


The main theme at this year’s conference is “Equipment and Technology”. There will also be presentations on other subjects that further develop the Paralympic Movement such as classification, sport performance and coaching innovation, integration, development, recruitment, and education and awareness.


In the area of classification, the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation is proud to have two of its own be invited to present in Bonn, Anne Hart (USA) and Viola Altmann (NED).


Both Anne and Viola have been involved with classification in wheelchair rugby at every possible level, and actively work as classifiers and instructors today. Each has unselfishly given their time, knowledge and expertise to the sport for years, which has earned them recognition as being two of the most experienced classifiers in the world. In fact, Anne currently sits on the IPC Classification Committee as its Chairperson, and Viola has been conducting ongoing research on classification in wheelchair rugby that should lead to her achieving a PhD in 2014. Their presentations on classification at the upcoming conference will be:


  • Evidence Based Practice in Classification: Application Systematic Review in Wheelchair Rugby. Presented by Anne Hart
  • Moving Towards Evidence Based Classification in Wheelchair Rugby: Classification of Trunk Impairment in Relation to Static Sitting Balance Measures. Presented by Viola Altmann
  • Sprint Performance, Trunk Muscle Strength and Trunk Classification in Wheelchair Rugby and Basketball Athletes. Presented by Noël Keijsers (Viola’s research colleague)

The IWRF and Global Wheelchair Rugby Family congratulate Anne and Viola on their many achievements, and wish them the very best for their presentations at VISTA 2013.


To learn more about the 2013 VISTA Conference, please visit www.paralympic.org