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5 September 2012

Game 4 Recap: FRA vs JPN

It was a game of hard hits and big spills, but Japan has come away with the win over France in its first game of the London 2012 Paralympics. Wheelchair rugby fans were looking forward to a matchup between high-pointers Ryadh Sallem and Daisuke Ikezaki. Both athletes began their careers as wheelchair basketball players -- Sallem was a 20-year staple of the French squad -- and are known for their big hits. Neither athlete disappointed: treating fans to several dramatic collisions.


In the end, however, it was Japan who had the best supporting cast. The two "Shins," (Shin Shimakawa and Shin Nakazato), played a crucial role in trapping Sallem and other players to force turnovers. Japan sprang out to an early 17-13 lead and never looked back. Though SallemThe game ended 65-56.


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